...and why I should have gone with Akenova

At Akenova, we were driven to succeed by turning our clients into success stories. We believed in strategically partnering with our clients to develop custom solutions for each one of them. We also provided clients with strategic assistance in the areas of funding and business development. In some instances, if we saw potential in a start-up client we were willing to defer Akenova’s setup costs up to 12 months from launch.

Online Marketing

The dot Marketing Suite (dMS) package is for the forward thinking business owner who is serious about the internet as an area of growth. The dMS package leverages Akenova’s consulting experience in the area of online marketing. The dMS package harnesses the power of various online marketing programs to grow the client’s business online:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has proven itself to be one of the most efficient online marketing channels. Akenova facilitates the entire email marketing process right from collection of email addresses on the store front to deployment, tracking, and analysis of email campaign performance.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As part of the dMS package, Akenova typically focuses on the three Tier 1 (Google, Yahoo, MSN) engines for its PPC programs. However, depending on client budgets & preferences they may choose to focus on a single engine or combination thereof.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Akenova strategically implements SEO best practices for its clients as part of the SEO package. Additionally it keeps its clients updated on the latest SEO techniques ranging from backlinking to integration of User Generated Content (UGC)

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for a while and now has proven to be a high-growth channel for online marketers. A strong, well-incentivized affiliate program can grow sales exponentially in a relatively short period of time. Akenova focuses on optimizing the efficiency of this channel from day one by monitoring the extent and depth of marketing offers extended to affiliate partners.

Shopping Malls

Akenova recognizes the importance of the presence of a consumer brand on high-traffic shopping mall sites such as Amazon and Ebay. To facilitate this initiative, Akenova offers pre-built integrations (through APIs) with the most popular malls.

Comparison Shopping Engines

Shopping engines remain a key component of the marketing mix for brands that seek to maximize their exposure. Akenova uses a combination of paid and free shopping engines to gain exposure for their client’s brands at the lowest possible costs.


The dotArchitect (DA) platform offered by Akenova is built off Magento’s popular open-source e-commerce application. This means that in addition to Akenova’s efforts to improve the platform, a community of developers around the world are also committed to enhancing its features. The DA platform is feature rich and offers a high degree of flexibility allowing users to completely customize their sites.

Akenova works to develop a completely customized store front for clients. Alternatively, we offer client’s a selection of pre-existing templates to choose from, if they would like to be up and running in the shortest possible time frame; typically a week from the kick-off meeting.

Some of the many functionalities that can be expected from the DA platform include:

Content Management

The Fastedious CMS is designed for small and medium (non-ecommerce) businesses who have until now maintained a static HTML website for their business and require the maintenance/update process to be quick and efficient. Powered by a popular open-source platform, Fastedious is able to transform a static website into a highly efficient, automated website in as little as one week. Some of the advantages of using an automated CMS instead of a static site include: