who we were

Akenova was founded by a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and a broad range of expertise ranging from digital marketing to internet security. The team at Akenova was constantly working to push the envelope with e-commerce and business automation. Akenova realized that every small business owner has “big” dreams and therefore was keen on turning those dreams into a reality.

For most e-commerce solutions companies, clients are a hood ornament that they can add to their portfolio. For Akenova, a client was more than just a showcase. We worked with our clients to understand their business thoroughly and partner with them to grow their business exponentially through automation and strategic consultation.

Akenova was focused on working with start-ups in need of technical and strategic assistance. The uniqueness of Akenova’s offerings lie in its ability to not only consult but also implement its strategic recommendations in partnership with clients.

our expertise

The internet has become a powerful tool to showcase your brand and/or products to the whole world. Whatever your objective, Akenova is here to fulfill it. We leverage the power of robust open-source technologies to provide highly customized solutions to our clients needs.

Akenova’s consulting division also delivers customized online marketing solutions to ensure clients remain ahead of the game in this constantly evolving digital landscape. We plan and implement smart, interactive strategies to find your audiences, engage your customers and deliver measureable marketing results. We are experts at maximizing returns on your marketing investment. Our consulting services include email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimizations (SEO), affiliate marketing and 3rd party channels.